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Hebrew Astrology

Surprisingly, this is a first english language work being published on this eLog.

Certain happenings in the personal life of the author have led to a period of seven weeks (during the late summer 2017) of intense writing, resulting in this introduction to the Hebrew approach to Astrology, as it is described especially by Friedrich Weinreb (may his memory be for a blessing). So maybe there is some deeper reason for the existence of this text. At least it shall be accessible for anyone interested:

Hebrew Astrology (PDF)

Buy book as print version (paperback, 230 p.) from Books on Demand (6.80€)


The particular motivation for this author (of German mother tongue) to write a book about Hebrew Astrology in the English language – would be stuff for an own book. So let us skip that. Just: may all the grammar mistakes and all strange choices of expression be forgiven. Someone really interested in, thoroughly fascinated by the topic, will certainly be able to understand everything anyways.

Helpful for the consumption by the reader will be a basic knowledge about major biblical topics – but for the beginning such knowledge is not even necessarily required in all depths. All Bible scriptures spoken about during the text will generally be given in brackets or similarily, so the reader may read the respective story or single verse at that point of his reading to increase his understanding. Nevertheless a basic knowledge of the greatest Bible-narratives is recommended beforehand, because the very fundamentals cannot be introduced to the reader purely by this little book (for instance the Creation account, the Exodus out of Egypt, Jesus‘ life, death and resurrection, etc.).

A few words regarding the sources for the content of this book: The Chassidic-Jewish writer and speaker (or ‚preacher‘) Friedrich Weinreb (may his memory be for a blessing) is by far the main source of all the following information.

Indeed, originally this project was intended to only summarize one specific book of Weinreb (named ‚Die Astrologie in der Jüdischen Mystik‘ in its German original, based on a series of speeches by Weinreb) which is elaborating on this Astrology-topic – but then … the planned ’summary‘ got even longer than the book to be summarized itself …

Beside this specific Weinreb-book and some others of his writings and speeches, sources for the presented material are especially the Holy Bible itself and the Jewish tradition, the so-called ‚Oral Thora‘ (which nonetheless is written down by now to a very high degree; most famously the ‚Talmud‘ and several compositions of ‚Midrashim‘, as well as countless Commentaries on these things from different ages and perspectives).

The sources could be called ‚Kabbalah‘ in the broadest sense – Only this term is so heavily distorted in its usage of modern times, that one probably should be careful with using it nowadays to describe something serious …

The book is structured only roughly in seven chapters or ‚parts‘. The table of contents will name them and give some key words of each part, similar as it is common practice in especially those of Weinreb’s books which are based on oral lessons he gave.

Last but not least, it shall be mentioned that the writing of this book only became possible thanks to the fecund work of the Friedrich-Weinreb-Stiftung (‚Friedrich Weinreb Foundation‘) in Zurich. Without their translating of many of Weinreb’s originally dutch-language wiritings and speeches into the German (and sometimes into the English) language, without their writing down of so many, many hours of oral lessons Weinreb gave during his lifetime, and without their final publishing and presenting of all these great words – there would have been only very, very little chance to know about most of it at all. So blessed be everyone supporting this Foundation!

And may the Heavens now also bless the experience of this little book! The author at least is feeling already blessed, just by having been confronted with these contents in his life here on Earth. So may it be the same blessing for all true seekers!

In infinite Gratefulness to the Eternal God,

Jochanan Massorah

Frankfurt am Main, Eighth of August 2018


Table of Contents

1. Part: The Basics; Astrology of the ‚Babylonians‘ vs. ‚Hebrew Astrology‘

Ancient Wisdom; Hebrews & Babylonians; Absolute Numbers; Male-Female-Antagonism; 2-to-1-Journey of Creation through Mankind; 1-4-Principle; Creation Myth: the 7 Days; Egypt as the 6th Day, Our World, the 7th Day; the Eighth Day; Two Souls: Nephesh and Neshamah; the Ruach/Spirit and the 12 Signs; Inner Relations of the Signs: Opposition, Conjunction, Square.

2. Part: The First of the 3 Groups of the Zodiacal Signs: the 4 Female Signs

3 Groups of the 12 Signs; Perspectives and Expressions of the Ancients; the Alphabeth; 4 Signs of the Female Principle; Taurus; Time in the Bible; Aries; Pisces; Aquarius; Historical Epochs and the Female Signs; Female Signs as Stages of an Individual’s Life.

3. Part: The Second of the 3 Groups of the Zodiacal Signs: the 3 Male Signs

Main Difference between Male and Female Signs; Strict Unity of the 3 Male Signs; Correspondence to the 6th, 7th and 8th Day of Creation; Seven Days and Seven Sephiroth; Story of the Little Lamb; Sephiroth and Correspondences to Biblical Figures; Virgo; Libra; Scorpio; Story of Solomons Ring; The Split of the Kingdom: Judah and Israel.

4. Part: The Third of the 3 Groups of the Zodiacal Signs: the 5 Fruit/Child Signs

The Principle of the Fruit and the integration of Male and Female as Parents; Capricorn; Story of the Fallen Angels; Sagittarius; Gemini; Jacobs Struggle with Esau; ‚Good Shepherd‘: Importance of the seemingly Worthless Details; Cancer; Two Trees in the Garden: Being and Becoming; Leo; Ten Days: 12 Signs corresponding to 7+3 Days of Creation.

5. Part: The Seven visible Planets moving through the Circle of the Zodiac

Planets and Signs: Dynamics and Steadiness; the Seven and the Greater Ten-ness; Lunar vs. Solar calculation of a horoscope; Sun; two points of ‚Breakthrough‘: Birthday and Day of Conception; Moon; Male and Female Time; Mars; Mercury; Jupiter; Venus; Psalm 22 and the ‚Morning Hind‘; Saturn; Story of Thamar and Judah; Interconnectedness of the 7 Planets and the 7 Sephiroth; Planets in the Horoscope.

6. Part: The 3 plus 2 plus 1 Hidden Planets in your Horoscope

7 Days, 7 Sephiroth and (Self-)Consciousness; Primordial Androgynity and the Making of the Woman; 8th Day and Longing for the Future; ‚Name‘, ‚Wish‘, ‚Knowledge‘, ‚Occupation‘ and ‚Mission‘; 7 Fruits of the Holy Land and the Eighth: Almond; 7 Fruits and 7 Sephiroth; 8 = Power to ‚Relativize‘; Hidden Planets never to be found in the Horoscope; 8, 9 and 10 as the ‚Planets of Hope‘; True Prophetic Vision and the 11th and 12th Planet; Yom Kippur Katan; Story of the Day Labourers; ‚Israel is living above the Stars‘.

7. Part: The Wise One and the Serpent on his Daughter’s Wedding

The Wise Man Aqiba; Meeting his First Wife; Aqiba’s Years of Learning; The Beautiful Roman Woman as the Second Wife; Journey to Paradise; 4 Stages of the Journey; Aqiba’s 3 Companions; Kabbalah’s Perspective on the Journey; The Wedding of Aqiba’s Daughter; Aqiba’s Babylonian Friend, the Star Gazer; Aqiba’s Explanation of the True Horoscope for his Daughter.


Dedicated to the Unique Angel delivering me this Message in Her Smashing Impact – with all the accompanying Up’s and Down’s … thereby teaching me to thank God for Life ‚at its Fullest‘, that is: for Life as one WHOLE.


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