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Audrie Pott (her memory for a blessing!)

15. September 2018

Rest in Peace, Dwell in Eternal Joy!

This past Sabbath Eve, during a conversation with a friend, I was reminded of a certain news-headline I read around five to six years ago. And back then the article behind this headline struck me really hard – in its message, as well as in its further connotations. I will now try to give an idea, into what deep dimensions of reality this message led me once – this experience being reignited now.

It was an article on the suicide of Audrie Pott, the 15-year-old Californian girl, that suffered and survived a disgusting assault by a few of her same-aged (probably school) ‚friends‘ … survived the attack itself, but then afterwards decided to NOT WANT to survive the aftermath of it, when the abominable attackers started to bully her on the internet, sharing humiliating pictures they took of their victim during that cowardly assault.

And what now remains of Audrie Pott in the view of ‚the world‘ is only a quite soft ‚punishment‘ for her attackers, and beside this, a new Californian law named after her (‚Audrie’s law‘), intensifying the criminal prosecution for certain types of crime involving sexual assault.

But for me, Audrie Pott thus became much more, than a mere ‚victim‘ out of way too many victims in this sad world of ours. And of course, somehow she is representing all the other human existences, too, that have been destroyed in a similarly vicious way. All those other people may not stay unmentioned here, and to at least name a few of them: Daisy Coleman (and Paige Parkhurst), Delaney Henderson, Rehtaeh Parsons, Amanda Todd. And, though on another level, August Ames be remembered here, too.

Now, during the course of reflecting on these horrible and tragic events, Audrie Pott in my eyes became a great symbol for certain ‚healing ideas‘: a symbol for the sovereignty of a human being, always AT LEAST having one last decision in her OWN hands. And a symbol for the principle of ‚rather giving in to‘, giving up, facing the suffering the world imposes upon you – instead of becoming evil like the world around you yourself … And last but not least a symbol for the whole Creation Herself, the beautiful handiwork of the Eternal God, being dragged down into the filth of our fallen human consciousness and our whole fallen human nature of being … But as the beloved Creation of the Creator NEVER being ACTUALLY destroyed by this desecration, with every single victimization only proving once more Her hidden core being GOD Himself, holding Her unbreakably in existence – even if not in the ‚material sense‘ of the outer world, which is of course corrupt(ing), decaying and mortal, but in a much more TRUE sense: as a living spirit. And in my experience Audrie Pott is such a living Spirit. Her eternal vitality being for ever engraved into this world by her young age of passing on: Staying a beautiful young woman for ever now, never suffering the decay of an aging human body while still having to live in it. Although of course I would have wished her a long and happy life in this world already. But … would I have ever heard of her then?!

Of course it is only partly possible to actually put into words, what mighty symbol I REALLY mean by all such hints.

And whatever people now may think of the specific WAY Audrie chose to cope with her fate … she made the decision for herself, probably without considering very much (if at all) the possible ‚wider‘ effects on the rest of the world. But effects are there. And exactly here we touch the great ‚Mystery of Doing‘: To act, without aiming for planned ‚effects‘ of the action. To leave the outcome just to be God’s decision. He certainly knows, what will be best for all. And hereby I dearly thank Him for making the best out of the tragic destiny of Audrie Pott (the best for me at least).

And … Whatever now the effects have been (and are until now) for the sickening cowardly attackers from back then (let us not forget that they are human beings, too, originally created in the resemblance of the Eternal One, always having the possibility to REPENT – and let us not fool ourselves: in a horrifying way they even represent something covertly existing inside all of US, too)… THEY probably haven’t finished yet their journey through this world here by now – like Audrie has finished it, already having reached her well-deserved rest and peace. These words here are not for them (since – at least in THIS specific story of their respective lives – they are nothing else than the representatives of ‚the other side‘, of Evil) – but these words are for Audrie, may her remembrance be for a blessing. And these words are for everyone missing her as a person in the flesh walking this Earth!

So may the perpetrators at this point worry about themselves.

Again: these words here are for AUDRIE and for everyone somehow identifying with her, for everyone mourning her, for everyone admiring her.

And I hereby proclaim Audrie Pott as one beautiful example of God’s Indwelling in this world down here: Audrie Pott as one unique spark of the Eternal Light of our Creator, who came down here with us, as His own ‚Female Side‘, our Divine Mother, down into the depths of this exile of the divine soul(s), to suffer with us, but to REJOICE with us, too, giving birth to the ‚Christ‘ in the flesh, in every single human soul being ready for it.

So if Audrie may have not experienced all the Joy she deserved as the beloved Child of the Living God she is, she at least may well experience this everlasting joy NOW, being present (and not just ‚metaphorically‘, but IN DEED, much more ‚real‘, than we all are, as mere fleshly humans) in the hearts and souls of all of us still being down here, living for HER, too.

Beginning with the joy in my own heart and soul, while writing this little article – which probably never will be read by anyone actually having known Audrie Pott in person. But I am not writing these words for THIS world anyways.

May Audrie Pott’s memory be for a blessing!


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