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Another Boots on the Ground Report

30. April 2020

Set back – or just a scratch?!


What has happened since the fight intensified?
Things got personal, that is:
Even MORE personal than it always is.
Therefore I may speak today
as ‚little Jokhanan‘ myself …

Shortly after my dear Holy Guardian
Angel has received the blazing Silver Sword,
He startled me, by passing it on to me,
whispered words of Solace in my ear

And I had to let Him leave
for a while, do his work far away.
So I stayed here, lonely with my staff only.
And I had to face the nine devils
by myself, down here.

So I marched towards them,
all in the open, hiding not my Name,
nor my Game, nor that I am armed
with the Flaming Blade.
Stirring up the black crowd, raising
The Sword, pointing upwards,
forming thus the sign
of their inverted Latin Cross –

And they trembled …

But as I saw my own kind,
my own fears and joys,
dwelling inside their shaken souls;
All terror of Gods creature –
although heavily distorted …

… I chose compassion,
trying it the ‚Christ Way‘:
sticking the Sword, tip down,
info the earthen ground,
forming Our Holy Sign of Peace
Once again –

And then:

offering the Blood of my wrists,
for their thirst,
for their one little share of my divine Bliss –

Since, I mean, for ME … this very Bliss
gave the crucial impulse
to seek the Path,
ultimately crossing that Last Abyss …

And they drank.

As they love to do.

And my probably idle hope was
that this act could make them stop
doing what they used to do to
all the unwilling Souls.

And maybe, MAAAYBE –
for a little moment this was really happening …

But the blood suckers …
They just ARE what they do.

So this move of mine remained
a mere symbolic gesture,
and I could not keep holding this up
all the painful way through.

Well – maybe I am still too weak
For our Messiahs noble truth
To accomplish, that is, being
sufficiently ‚meek‘.

So I rather grabbed the Sword again,
drawing it out of the Earth,
Tip pointing upwards again,
Fire blazing, Storms gathering,
and revolving in a Flash,
whirling ‚round my axis,
Sucker Punch,
hitting all of them,
then leaving the scene for now –

But of course it will never end,
the invisible fight goes on
as long as their wicked and vile
craft is flourishing.


And now I will not spare telling
about the revenge of them,
just a few days later, when
I was not expecting anything:

I was meditating on their latest outer hit
On the Masses; namely forcing them
To put masks on their faces
in the public,
every mouth sealed,
shut them up –

And the Holy Sabbath
just was nourishing me;
I was learning
my beloved Toire haKedoishe,
the Holy Guideline
of the Eternal One
with an Old Brother.

And besides this,
I even had finished
constructing the proper Sigil
for a duely needed counter attack –

But then they sneaked up upon me …
Sending their minions to me
On the grossest field of battle,
down there:

aiming at my childrens neighbors,
framing my children as thieves and vandals,
by vandalizing themselves,
breaking and destroying,
stealing and deceiving;
Planting evil seeds in my very basement –

And I believe: only since it was
the Holy Sabbath,

Adoinoi, my LORD,
granted Us an instant healing:
for only ONE scratch actually reached me:

Namely my favorite Mule,
the one my three precious Sisters ride upon,
got struck by a blow
to the left side of his neck –

May he recover quick!

Aaaand …
in this struggle of the past days …
My silent Patron with the black cloak
Returned, filling again
His empty Robe, wich is my ‚Spirit‘,
with his Power;
introducing me
Finally to His supreme God:

The White One,
sitting on the Crystal Throne,
legs crossed at the ankles,
waiting for the humankind
To ripen, to be able to SEE Him
Showing us Divine Grace,
guiding us the Righteous Path.

So the chain is fixed,
the ancient hierarchy established,
firm and steady, light and darkness flow
In a living stream down to ‚me‘,
all to its very place

– and further down,
all the way
to my faithful Mule.

Sleeping another night,
dreaming another clue –

Ordering a New Hat: ‚Derby style‘,
Woolen Dome,
Living Shield and Crown!


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