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‚Issru Chag‘, ‚binde fest den Tanz‘!!

16. April 2020

‚Out of Shadows‘

A glad scene –

Bill Gates‘ private Magus got
shattered by the Rod
of a ‚Nemo‘ …

just cracked up
into pieces of red Dust,
while attempting to punch
with his Left Hand
OUR very Heart …

But a Breastplate of Copper and Bronze
stopped the assault,
an emblazened Shield,
adorned with the Horns
of an Ox,
and with diamond Spikes
like the petrified Light
of the Sun with its rays
like the Mane of a Lion,
frozen to glistening Ice.

And so he got pwned,
by his own act of wrath –
‚gainst a Naught,
a Nothing –
just a soft, gentle Breath.
That poor Left-handed heck …

So now he’s gone –
that oligarchs last trump,
and Billy will fear Trump,
and Billy will soon drop.

Played too much the ‚Doctor‘,
neutered too many wombs,
… crippled too many toddlers –

Who knows?
W.H.O. knows.

Maybe just got a little too intoxicated
by his own smug fakeness …

So may he fall deep,
but land well,
and feel at home down there …

No ‚Windows‘ though, no:
ONE door only …
So, knock, knock, pause –
KNOCK! .. ending your spell!
… one ‚Hashtag‘ remaining:





And almost concurrently:
Envision a giant turd,
dropped on George Soros‘
force field of influence …

And not just any feces, but
the product of digesting all
the sponsored revolutions‘ Blood,
Sweat, Toil and Tears he painted
all so colorful and powerful
through all the years of his ‚Spiel‘ –
as OUR Life’s Meal.

The smell of this toxine,
WE now finally are freed of,
will be HIS everlasting stain
of Shame, Mark of Cain.

And even his OWN old associates
quite soon will be too grossed out
to stay in the same room
with THAT corrupted and corrupting fraud.


Bill and George, two are torched,
‚BeeGee-Boys‘, sang a song,
Dance is going on …
and many still to come.

Let it be on ‚Queue‘.
(Letter Seventeen is ‚Q‘.)

And Hope begets a Son:


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