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Out of Shadows pt.2

20. April 2020

Choke on that Hot Dog …

Today it is the time –
Three Days and Nights
that the Grand One, the White One,
granted the Silver Flaming Blade
to a certain dark and quiet one.

Enough Tears collected,
not one of them neglected,
none of them ejected –
but elevated, lifted;

and a Cup … full of the gathered Tears
is counted as the Blood
of all the slaughtered Martyrs.

Proving to the MOTHER
by this Offering:
We are HERE!

Now the Storm may come,
now a new kind of Hunt is on,
no one will succumb
any longer to that scum.

Turned around the playbook,
there will be the Day,
that this current act
of the molochian sect
will be done and gone.

For they changed the Holy Name
of the Rooster-headed, Serpent-legged,
Whip-Master, Shield-holder
Abrasax –

into an institution of
blood thirst and rapish lust;

and the Holy Baptism of Sophia,
the Holy Transformation by
the Mouth of Death
Grave to Life …
Baphometh –

into a mere idol to
rule by torture, murder, pain and death.

So all of ‚them‘ …
the Pingpong-Pedo-Podee’s
James and … John and Tony,
Amanda, Billy and Hillary …
… Huma and that Rayray
the Wiener,
Hussain and maybe his Michael, too,
Nancy and certainly creepy Joe –
and all the other sickoes, you’re
together with in this deep state show …

Although …
Let us not skip one fact:
All of those figures are
but burnt children themSELVES:

Some are just a shell, containing nymphs and gnomes;
others are indeed evil demons – but jailed in this human form;
some are sadly poorly guarded kids of God-forsaken times;
and only few are actually heavily demonized rotten souls.

And … the Wicked Witch of Southern Slavia?
Even she, in her core,
is just the little girl ashamed
of thoughts of lust and fears of guilt,
a human being, striving to be guarded
more and more
by a very, very Cold Shield.

But all these basic reasons won’t
help the victims and survivors
here, in This World.

So may it ALL be forgiven
afterwards, ‚up there‘ …
But down HERE we need to harmonize,
all the dis-balance;
so we demonstrate a Justice
worth of the Living God’s Vengeance.

So reap now, what you sow!
This time be it not just few.
Yes, the Judgement Day of Truth
is already on the move –

Look, we see the Q-Flag!!
on the White Houses Roof …

No more praying necessary
in this issue;
ALL is through!

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