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Heal Hell

19. Mai 2020

The Mule’s Neck
is starting to recover old Strength.

A bavarian wannabe-king
suffering a sudden death.

The Witch of the Uckermark,
standing in a Subway,
is noticing a seemingly Jew
quietly reciting the Aqaydoh –
the vibrations
of the schauckeling …
expanding through the worlds!

Finally the Word is out:
The FedRep of the Germs
is of … SATAN.
Full Stop.

And the siamese-twin of Her
follows Her,
falls down with Her.

The Sigil of the ‚crowned throne‘
is triumphing inside and through
the relevant Lodge’s Net;
(Old) Game Over,
(New) Game is ON.
New AeON.

Putting all the Mana,
the Chi, the Life,
the Flow, the Chai,
to the One and Only,
the Holy Whore,
the Virgin Adulteress,
that is, the whole World as
the Woman and Wife of Our God,
All the Glory to HER!!
‚Yechidoooooh‘ …

goes PUBLIC:
Martyred by the Stones,
giving Testimony, Paul
standing Watch for the Garments …
No one will prevent
his Message going ‚viral‘ …

I am lending from now on
my Holy Guardian Angel
to the righteous Protest;
Masses need their Head free,
their Hearts freed,
so Muzzle down, SPEAK out!!

And SING!!!
Explore the Joys
of Cantilation, my Brethren!
Hum and Dance
the delightful Niggunim
of All the thirty-six Saints!

And not even the Locust can prevent
that the true and essential
exchanges of Chesed
will emerge and will …

forever STAND.

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