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What if …

4. Juni 2020

What if …

wide parts of humankind
for decades (at least …)
have been held in a state
of (un-)consciousness
that is characterized
by a collective hypnosis
induced by a constant
flooding of the senses
by a vast amount of stimuli
aiming especially
on the lower – if not lowest – urges
of human nature –

and while being exposed to this
basic mental and emotional
infiltration by a mild but steady
everyday-TRAAANCE –

an evil neo-bolshevist agenda covertly
is fed like poison to the people
via all the main channels
of so-called ‚entertainment‘
they willingly succumb to
during most of their ‚free‘ time
(beside their obligation to
slave labour, camouflaged
as mere ‚working for your living‘) –

and then ‚a spark is lit‘?!

… imagine an Umbrella Man …



But …

What if …

the enemies of Mankind
(that is, those who voluntarily
oppose true individual
spiritual and physical
liberty and freedom)
did NOT expect
the immense silent power
of a counter-force burning
(at least latently)
in the deeply suffering hearts
of ALL divine creature …

https://www.facebook.com/realCandaceOwens/videos/273957870461345 [notice the views, likes and shares, too …]



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